How do you integrate sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches into your projects?


"The principle of sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. In doing so, we prefer to use sustainable materials. Wood, as a renewable raw material and CO2 store in sustainable forestry, is considered indisputable. However, brick also brings sustainable aspects and contributes significantly to improving the indoor climate through its moisture-regulating function. Each of our projects is unique and requires an individual selection of sustainable materials.


The energy efficiency of a building plays a central role in construction today. Insulation, windows, lighting, and heating and cooling systems reduce energy consumption and save money.


Green spaces promote the natural environment and contribute to improving the microclimate, storing CO2 and promoting biodiversity. A good example of this is the fifth facade: Roofs have long since ceased to be used purely for weather protection. Whether we use them for electricity generation, water storage or as green areas and thus promote the building system depends on a holistic view of the building.


Life cycle and quality are critical factors in developing a building that will endure and last. We place great importance on our buildings being a long-term and sustainable solution."


© Photo Birgit Pichler