The Döbling Private Clinic has reached the roof level of the extension


Nine months after the laying of the foundation stone, the roof level was reached for the state-of-the-art extension to the Döbling Private Clinic. The planning of the new component has already been awarded the klimaaktiv Gold Standard.

By 2026, the Döbling Private Clinic will be expanded and comprehensively modernized and will be given more space through an extension and conversion. The shell of the building has now been completed – only nine months after the laying of the foundation stone.


The extension to the Döbling private clinic is connected to the existing building on all floors and comprises four floors above ground and one below ground. The part of the building runs along Heiligenstädter Straße in a closed construction method and is supplemented in the northern area. In order to ensure lighting for the extension, atriums are cut into the building on the side facing away from the street.