During our presentation "65 years of hotel architecture with a big break" we talked about the developments in the industry and our experiences from then to the present.

In many areas, the industry is back where it was 50 years ago - from mindful travel to longer stays at the vacation destination to the motives for traveling, however, many aspects have changed fundamentally. This also applies to the hospitality and interior design of hotels in terms of sustainability.

But where is the journey heading? We know: the younger generations attach great importance to sustainability and also question it. Simple, pre-faced wooden facades are no longer considered green - the building itself in its entirety must be sustainable. At the same time, for example, not all timber construction is the same - some timber construction systems are far from "green thumbs." We observe the connection of trends and developments from 50 years ago to the present day very closely in the course of our projects - it's nice that we were able to address this in this lecture and pass it on.

 "Already the preparation of our key note was a lot of fun and the many conversations after the presentation were equally exciting and entertaining", says Alexander Meissl, CEO of MEISSL ARCHITECTS.

 "An honest event with many innovative presentations," said Gordon Grusdat, CDO at MEISSL ARCHITECTS.