How and whether schnitzel, bacon dumplings and currywurst get along, is something MEISSL Architects will get to the bottom of from summer 2022. In the spirit of this mission, they will even open their own branch in Berlin Mitte. While Thomas Wawris continues to hold the fort in Vienna, Gordon Grusdat and Alexander Meissl dare the balancing act between Tyrol and the German capital. Sexy.

For Alexander Meissl, the expansion of the site to include Berlin is a harmonious addition to the triumvirate with Vienna and Tyrol.

"Now that we are increasingly in demand and challenged as architects in Germany, the leap to the north is the next logical step," Thomas Wawris also recognizes the great potential of this repositioning.

The timber construction expertise of the experienced planners is also increasingly in demand in the neighboring country and an exciting large-scale project on Rügen is already being planned, as Carola Meissl-Handle reveals. For the team of MEISSL Architects it is also important to be permanently physically on site and personally available for clients and planning partners. Even if, at the latest since Corona and thanks to BIM and VR, many things are now also feasible at a distance: the team simply has a taste for Berlin.

And there is also a very special connection: "Berlin is a matter of the heart for me, because there is clearly a love of the old homeland," says Gordon Grusdat, a native of Thuringia, looking forward to the upcoming projects on site.

Together with a small team and supported by Alexander Meissl, the Tyrolean by choice will take over the management of the satellite from June this year. Whether the currywurst can actually compete with the Thuringian bratwurst, however, remains to be seen ...